Here at Betting App Reviews we get asked a few questions over & over, so we thought we’d list some of the more common ones.

Q: Are your reviews independent?

A: Yes, we take great pride in providing independent reviews of various gambling sites. We actually try out and review each of the different mobile sites and apps and report on the look, feel and experience of it. We also look at how you can make payment to, and importantly receive funds from the betting site in question.

Q: How do I download an android app on to my phone/mobile device?

A: We have the example for Crownbet below, but this can be applied to most android app downloads:

  1. Create an account at this site to ensure you qualify for your bonus Crownbet App Create an account
  2. Once you’ve set up an account to secure the bonus, you’ll return to the home page
  3. Press the + sign at the bottom of the screen and tap ‘add to home page’.

This will ensure you register for your bonus bets.

Q: How many android apps can I download?

A: As many as you like. The apps themselves tend to be quite small, so usually don’t us up much space. Alternatively you can always simply head to the site itself through the links on our reviews and place bets directly.  For many users, doing this is the preferred option, as an installed APK app takes up way more space on your mobile than a mobile site.  Plus, you can create a shortcut icon on your mobile home screen which makes it easy to access.

Q: Which is the best betting app for me?

A: There is no easy answer here, much of it lies in your personal preferences. However by reading our reviews you will see that some offer great sign on bonuses, while others have lower margins, meaning more money given away to winners. It may be that you try one or two different apps or sites before you settle on one that suits you. It can be as simple as easy layout so that you can see the odds at a glance, or you may be looking to squeeze the best odds out of every bet.